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last modified: 18.06.2017

DL3TU - station details


Elecraft K3: primary radio

Elecraft KX3: when working QRP or portable

LNR Precision - Mountain Topper Radio 3 Band: when working portable


Ten-Tec Titan 425 with 2 x 3CX800A7. An awesome PA, provides more than 1.5 kW CW.

equipment of DL3TU


Vertical for 14, 21 and 28 MHz

Trap dipole for the WARC bands

3- Element Yagi (modified TV- Antenna) for 50 MHz

These antennas are located on the flat roof, approx. 15m above ground (338 m A.S.L.)

antennas of DL3TU

End- fed half wave- dipole for 7 MHz, 15m above ground. The loop at the far end is part of an artwork of my neighbour Friedrich who kindly offered his balcony as an anchor point for my wire.

antennas of DL3TU

End- fed half wave- dipole for 3.5 MHz, 15m above ground ending in one of the trees some 50 metres away.

antennas of DL3TU

The same wire is used on 1.8 MHz together with a large steel structure belonging to the building. Most closely this formation can be considered to be something similar to a half sloper. Due to the good ground conductivity it is working well for DX.

RX- Loop for 1.8 MHz, 15m above ground on the flat roof. Currently fixed direction 120/ 300. 

antennas of DL3TU

The world seen from my QTH:

azimuthal projection from DL3TU's QTH

Less than optimal horizon: The hill behind the house prevents low take off angles from east to southwest. Towards NA and JA the terrain is rather flat.

DL3TU's horizont