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QSL- Info

Update: All cards for the 2015 trip have been shipped. The log has been uploaded to LoTW.

You have the following options for requesting your QSL:

1) LoTW: upload is planned after all QSOs have been typed into the system.

2) via buro: we’ll confirm all QSOs by default with a nice paper QSL.

3) via direct - please choose:

A) OQRS via ClubLog

B) send a letter to our address given in It must include:

I) your QSL card with the QSO details
II) self addressed envelope (SAE)
III) 1 U.S. $ to cover the shipping expense.
Please do NOT send IRCs! They are not accepted in some post offices and cause trouble.

QSL- Status: All cards for our 2013 and 2014 trips have been shipped.

QSL 2014

QSL design 2015

QSL 2014

QSL design 2014

QSL 2013

QSL design 2013

last modified: 05.01.2016