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We intend to run two Elecraft K3's simultaneously on the higher bands with 100 Watts output power.
Antennas: Delta loop for 20 metres (backup), VDAs for 17 through 10 metres.
Power supply: Two 50 Ah AGM batteries.
Logging: Paper and pencil in order to save weight and power.
Paddles: Homemade / from Palm Radio. These guys are amazing and so are their keys.

The VDA performs extremely well if placed close to (or in) sea water as could be seen during the TX6G expedition to Austral Islands in March 2014. Apparently there is no beach in Liechtenstein but even if the VDA is standing on rocky ground its low take off angle outperforms a low mounted yagi. Since we can't carry large towers to the top of Augstenberg the VDA is our first choice.

Here are some pictures taken during the design and test phase:

VDA 17m

While tuning the 17m VDA we had a QSO with ZS1ANF.
It has more than 20dB f/b ratio and 3 to 6dB louder signals
compared to a delta loop.

VDA 15m

The 15m VDA went through a redesign. Thanks to the short boom at the top we can use a lighter GRF pole.
This beach in Corsica is our preferred place for antenna testing ;-)

VDA 12m

The 12m VDA with the trusty fishing pole is very robust and easy to install.


Three VDAs packed and ready for the journey to HB0...

last modified: 23.02.2016