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Morse keys


last modified: 22.04.2015

DL3TU - morse keys

I'm not a key collector but like the performance of these keys and the stories they tell. Please klick on the thumbnails to enlarge.

British Navy Morse key from the 1950's. Its more than a foot long and pretty heavy. I treasure this one most of all because my friend Kenni used it for ages.

"Morsetaste K64" (VEB Leipzig)
This was my first key, bought 1993 at the Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen and I still like it.

Junker M.T. - the famous straight key manufactured by Joseph Junker.

Portable key from Palm Radio. A small and lightweight straight key for portable activities. Bought 2004. http://www.palm-radio.de

Mini key or "attack key" from Russia. I bought it  2012 in Friedrichshafen and attached it to a nice piece of wood.

Very solid key with split lever from the Czech armed forces.

Bencher BY-2 iambic paddle. The most responsive paddle I ever used. Birthday present of my wife 2014. http://www.bencher.com

The Palm family. From left to right: Pico Paddle, Mini Paddle and Palm Portable Key. Palm Radio

Key with single paddle made of the switch of a bistable relay. It can be controlled with minimum force.